Alexander Nikolaevich
Aliases Sasha, Sasha the Martyr, Sasha-kun/Sasha-san
Eye Color Tiffany Blue
Red (when transformed)
Hair Color Silver
Age 13 (season 1)
Bust Unknown
Waist Unknown
Hip Unknown
Affiliations Athos
Maria Mutsumi Sendou
Teresa Beria
Mafuyu Oribe
Hana Katsuragi
Tomo Yamanobe
Urara Oikawa
Element Iron
Likes Soma, Borscht,
his Maria especially Mafuyu,
Big Breasts
Dislikes Injustice, annoying or arrogant people, Cross-dressing, Fake breasts
Voiced by Yuko Sanpei
First Appearance Episode 1 (Anime)
Chapter 1 (Manga)

Alexander Nikolaevich Hell (アレクサンドル=ニコラエビッチ=ヘル), more commonly known as Sasha (サーシャ), is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series Seikon no Qwaser. He is the Qwaser of Iron who is currently living with Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe.


Often appearing as a rude and stubborn person, he does have a kind heart but tends to hide it from everyone. He doesn't seem to have much interest in anyone (besides females), and when paying attention to them; his only interest is to save them or to restore his life by drinking their soma.

Also, during the time he loses his memories, many people assumed he was a girl, and they thought he would look good as a girl. He is a tsundere character, displaying a cold attitude towards others but only warming up to a select few.


Alexander has ghost white/silver hair, tiffany blue eyes, and porcelain-white skin and usually wears a black sleeveless shirt with a black hood that has a zipper down the middle and a red cross design in the front, along with black pants with a black belt and black boots. Alexander wears black gloves with red rims, and also has his left ear pierced. He is actually known to be quite handsome, and has feminine looks, as shown when he dresses as a maid. In the second season of the series, he is disguised as a girl to find the Magdalene of Thunder along with Hana as his partner, in an all girl's school. Dressed as a girl, he wears a wig the same color as his hair only longer. In the digital arena, his chest becomes the size of Olga's because it was in his thoughts.

Story Edit

Sasha's primary vendetta with the Adepts is the murder of Olja at the hands of the Aurum (Gold) Qwaser who exiled him. The Aurum Qwaser is also responsible for the large Inverted Eastern Cross-shaped symbol/scar on the left side of his face. The scar tends to bleed in response to Sasha's excitement during battle - the acme of which is characterized by Sasha's left eye becoming red and the scar glowing prior to bleeding heavily during power-down. After digging in the frozen earth in order to bury Olja's remains scarred his hands that will never recover, which is why he wears gloves most of the time.

Driven by his bitter prologue with the Adepts and the parallels that he sees between Tomo and Olja, Sasha's ferocity reaches its zenith when the Adepts target Tomo for her high-quality soma; during his time with Mafuyu, Sasha comes to realize the infinite value of human life as he demonstrates a copious contempt for the Adepts endangering innocent people. Aside from the comedy of refracting Miyuri Tsudjiô's persecution to her detriment and the situational remarks in Russian (though such quotations are often authors' errors), Sasha is shocked to find that Mafuyu gives as good as she gets when he obdurately ignores the social conventions of human civilization and forces him to partake her consummate cooking - particularly when it is his favorite dish borscht.

Over the course of the series, Sasha's arsenal expands from his trademark scythe and kunai to a katana-like sword he wields in tandem; even though he rejects the prospect in the early going, Sasha and Mafuyu begin to become attracted to each other even as they deny it when confronted about the prospect. He was involved in the most serious confrontations that happened in the series, the last one being the one against Shinichiro Ootori, where he managed to reach the 4th (on a scale of eight) grade of elemental control. In the ending of the first and second season, he was recently forced to separate from Mafuyu, much to his dismay, and undertake training sessions to prepare for future confrontations.

Seikon no Qwaser - BD 05

Sasha with his preferred weapon, an iron scythe

Sasha mafuyu

Sasha with Mafuyu


  • In Russia, Sasha is a very common nickname for anyone who has the name Alexander (Male) and Alexandra (Female). 
  • Sasha's favorite food is borscht, a traditional Ukrainian dish.
  • Sasha is also referred to as Zhelezo (Železo), which is "Iron" in Russian and some other languages.
  • He is terrible at bowling.
  • "Hell" with Japanese pronunciation it sounds like "Хер", Kher, Russian curse word that means "dick".
  • In the paper version (volume 1 page 36), "Nikolaevich" is written "Nicolavitch".