Alexander Nikolaevich Hell is an Iron Qwaser. This gives him control over the element of iron. In the anime, Sasha is at level 4 currently. He went from a level 2 to level 4 iron Qwaser in one jump.

Standard Abilities

  • Superhuman durability - Sasha can take quite the beating and developed a strong pain tolerance. He has been shown to take multiple hits from the Sword of Maria, being slashed by razor sharp wires, being cut by the gold qwaser, being slammed into multiple walls and through pillars, without having worrying wounds at various cases.
  • Superhuman Strength - Sasha has proven to have increased physical abilities.

Qwaser Abilities

  • Molecular Control - He can control iron on the molecular level, which include reshaping objects, heating iron to melting point or controlling the temperature of iron.