Aliases None
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Age 8
Bust Unknown
Waist Unknown
Hip Unknown
Affiliations Adept
Maria None
Element None
Likes Tomo
Dislikes Unknown
Voiced by Mai Goto
First Appearance

Astarte is a little girl who has been raised by the Adepts since birth to become a potential "High Maria."


Astarte is a small, young girl, who has long silky, feet length, blonde hair, which covers her entire forehead, as well as her ears. She has only been seen wearing a long light green sleeveless dress, as well as wearing pearly white shoes to go along with the dress. She also has a crimson red chocker that she wears, around her neck.


Astarte is a very cheerful person, who enjoys her life, no matter how sheltered, although this maybe do to her being very naïve to the world around her.


Astarte first appears, by greeting a kidnapped Tomo. She and Tomo become friends and spend a lot of time with each other, on the island, seeing as Astarte has never seen anyone who wasn't an Adept, and Tomo having no one else to befriend.

Later in manga only her age gets sped up so she can serve her High Maria role for Jesus

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Soma: it is stated that Astarte's soma has the potential to be of quality, of a High Maria so high that the Adepts were willing to take her in.