The designation given to the alter-ego combat partner of a Qwaser, whose primary function is to provide soma. In the series, Sasha and Ekaterina each demonstrate that the relationship between a Qwaser and it's Maria, can vary on the spectrum of being purely professional, to very personal. Maria is a reference to the Virgin Mary breastfeeding baby Jesus as Qwasers recharge their powers by drinking the Soma from their Maria. Ekaterina referred to her Maria, Hana, as Mary Magdalen, which is a form of abuse in reference to the supposition that the Mary Magdalen in the Bible was a prostitute. She is the only Qwaser who has ever referred to a Maria that way and only during the chapter when she chose Hana as her Maria, A.K.A. a woman who will willingly let her nipple get suck and let the Qwaser drink milk from it.

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