Clifford C.J. Crawford
Aliases Unknown
Eye Color
Hair Color Light Blue
Age 30s (presumed)
Bust Unknown
Waist Unknown
Hip Unknown
Affiliations Meteora
Likes Silence
Dislikes Adepts, Noise, Heretics, Jita
Voiced by Yutaka Aoyama
First Appearance

Clifford C.J. Crawford is the Priest Supervisor of Meteora.


Having a face regularly sneering or looking disgusted with whatever's before him, Clifford C.J. Crawford is a middle-aged man with grey-ish hair. The most notable feature besides his Meteora outfit is the pair of plugs in his ears, or rather inserted into where his ears should be, keeping out all sound as that was the sense he had sacrificed to the Lord, like his fellow Meteora members with their self-mutilations. He's regularly seen carrying around a Bible in hand.


Having sacrificed his sense of hearing as a sign of faith, Crawford regularly takes joy in the fact that he can't hear other people, ranging from calling the silence pleasant, to regularly bringing up that he can't hear others (though he can clearly read lips when facing them) so as to cut them off or annoy them, to saying that anything else is heretical to hear in the first place.

In regards to the Adepts, they are naturally his enemies as Meteora serves alongside Athos, and in particular in regards to Jita he refers to her as a bitch and heretic sow, when she was in Athos custody and he was under orders to claim her for interrogation.

He sees killing someone under inquisitions/interrogations as inelegant, and prefers to remove the subjects limps slowly while keeping them alive. He says the longest held record of keeping a tortured subject alive is 712 days, and he hopes to break that record.

When observing Little Ma'am's radiation-less Plutonium blast, he finds the act to be the most obscene act of moral hypocrisy, taking issue with how she can nuke an area without wanting or allowing for a nuclear fallout.

Crawford's objection.

A true fanatic, seeing the clone of Christ was enough for him to side with the Qwaser of Gold, and he had no issue helping in the destruction of the world.


(Taken from the manga)

Making his first appearance alongside Leon Max Muller and Lee May, looking to take possession of the recently captured Jita, Crawford immediately makes a bad impression with his rude and confrontational attitude. Crawford clashes with Yuri, having a past history with the quirky priest, and explains his self-inflicted deafness after apparently ignoring Sasha's attempts to get his attention.

(Endgame of the manga)

Siding with the Theosis Project and The Qwaser of Gold, Crawford alongside Leon Max Muller battle Big Ma'am and Little Ma'am over one of the Seven Divergences, with an army of Regen soldiers. When the Maria and Qwaser duo defeat their initial army, Crawford reveals his power of Necromancy, an Elemental Circuit called Shining Requiem that allows him to call upon the spirits of the deceased to continue fighting, so long as a scrap of flesh is left to posses. With this, Max ans him overwhelm the two expert resistance fighters, and Crawford activates the Egyptian Divergence ruin.