Ekaterina Kurae
Aliases Katja, Qwaser of Copper
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Age 11
Bust 65 (presumed)
Waist 45 (presumed)
Hip 70 (presumed)
Affiliations Athos
Maria Hana Katsuragi
Lulu Shiizaki
Ayame Satsuki
Mafuyu Oribe
Element Copper
Likes Hana
Dislikes Being treated as a child, Being saved by Sasha (The Iron Qwaser)
Voiced by Aya Hirano
First Appearance Episode 3 (Anime)
Chapter 4 (Manga)

Ekaterina Nikolaevich "Katja" Kurae is a young but powerful Qwaser who controls the element of copper.
She was sent to St. Mihailov Academy as a transfer student from Russia; due to Miyuri Tsujidou wanting a foreign friend of her own to compete with the bond that Tomo and Mafuyu shared with Sasha.


Ekaterina is a very young girl, at the age of no more then eleven, she has a gothic Lolita look to her, as she has very small breasts. She is usually seen wearing a black maids outfit, having her hair tied in very long pig tails, which are held together by black tape, as well as long hair, covering all of her forehead, and her ears as well.


Ekaterina has the beauty of a doll and as such is admired and regarded with awe by other girls. Fully aware of this, she presents herself as extremely shy, innocent, and child-like in public and amongst strangers; adopting the habit of addressing herself in third person to further her "cuteness."

Her true colors, however, are of that of a domineering, arrogant, prideful, and almost malicious queen. She uses her "innocent" image to seduce other women, particularly those with a lolicon or lesbian fetish, and emotionally and sexually dominates them into being her devoted Maria's. Ekaterina also refers to the gynoid as "mother" for reasons currently unknown. Also when Anastasia is destroyed, she gave her a burial and cried over her grave so she seems to sincerely believe she is her mother.


Ekaterina is a powerful Qwaser who wields the element of copper, which usually makes her gain control and manipulate electrical wires and redirect their flow to electrocute and incinerate her foes. Due to her frailty as a little girl, she uses an archaic gynoid, Anastasia, to physically attack her opponents and defend herself. Ekaterina also refers to the gynoid as "mother" for reasons currently unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Qwaser of Copper: As a Qwaser of copper, she is able to manipulate all objects that have copper in them.

High intellect: Ekaterina is very smart for her age, as she is able to understand and use copper in many creative ways.

Manipulator: Ekaterina is very manipulative, as she has been able to manipulate many girls feelings toward her, to make them her slaves for soma purposes only.


Anastasia: Ekaterina uses her copper puppet, Anastasia, in and out of battle, with her copper-based powers. She is able to make Anastasia channel electrical currents, and uses her to fight enemies too big for her. She can also manipulate Anastasia to create copper from scratch.


  • It is implied that Ekaterina shares heavy connections with the Imperial Family of late Tsar Nicholas II, and it is heavily hinted that she herself is the same Tsarina Alexandra that served as Nicholas' consort. It was later revealed that she carries no connection to the late Tsar's family and that her schizophrenic grandmother told her this after her mother had abandoned her.
  • It was also revealed that her full name is Ekaterina Nikolaevich Kurae. It's not known if she is related to Sasha.