Anastasia (Mama) Edit

Hana Katsuguri Edit

Appearance: Hana is a thin girl, having short orange-brown hair although her hair is able to cover her ears. She does not have much of a bust size. She is usually wearing her uniform from St.Mihailov Academy, or wearing some S & M type clothing, which consists mainly of tight leather.

Personality: She seems to be a normal person who often gives other students a hard time. However this is mainly a mask to hide her true self. Hana is actually a lesbian pedophile, masochist, and suffers from Stockholm syndrome, and surprisingly, is a kind and attentive person.

Alias: Ekaterina´s slave, Magadala

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Dark Orange

Bust: 79(A)

Waist: 54

Hip: 79

Relationship status: Ekaterina (Master & Queen)

Likes: Ekaterina, being punished

Dislikes: Mafuyu, Ekaterina being in danger or being hurt

Occupation: Maria

First Appearance: Episode 1

Ayame Satsuki Edit

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Lulu Shiizaki Edit

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