Aliases None
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Yellow
Age Unknown (early teens)
Bust 67 (presumed)
Waist 54 (presumed)
Hip 70 (presumed)
Affiliations Athos
Maria Teresa Beria
Element Titanium
Likes Beef Stew, Ootori
Dislikes Unknown
Voiced by Ai Shimizu
First Appearance


Elizabeth has the appearance of a boy, making her a tomboy. In fact Mafuyu was so oblivious of her actual gender, that she was only able to figure it out, when Elizabeth showed Mafuyu her bare chest, which was also a little bit of a boy's. Elizabeth usually wears overalls, along with a black shirt.

Elizabeth has a beast form, which depicts her as more like a gorilla form, albeit her eyes are bloodshot red, and her hair is stretched out, all the way down to her feet, with her hair in the front being blonde, and her hair in the back being brown. She wears some form of a tribal outfit, which is usually seen on amazons.


Elizabeth is very easy-going and relaxed, however in battle, she becomes more serious and wishes to defeat Alexander Nikolaevich Hell in battle.


Assisting her master Shinichiro Ootori with nursing Mafuyu Oribe back to health after literally plunging into their lives, the tomboyish Elizabeth, nicknamed Lizzie, quickly bonds with Mafuyu because the two are orphans that engage in boy activities such as kendo and swordplay -- the latter case being how Elizabeth wields her titanium-based powers as a Qwaser. As the helium-wielding Adept disciple Qwasers are shocked to learn, Elizabeth primarily wields a massive double-handed greatsword she calls Excalibur whose every swing paralyzes her enemies with an acoustic disturbance prior to cleaving right through them. Ignoring the fact that she devours beef stew with the same zeal, Elizabeth loves to make fun of Sasha's affinity for borscht along with his Russian origins as a "northern savage". This rivalry and her loyalty to Shin'ichiro drives Elizabeth to prosecute a duel with Sasha in order to buy time for Shin'ichiro's plan to draw the Aurum (Gold) Qwaser out of hiding. Shin'ichiro's final instruction for Elizabeth prior to his suicide is to fight alongside Athos with Teresa Beria as her Maria Magdalen partner.

In volume 14, Elizabeth's breasts look bigger and Mafuyu is impressed with how she's grown. Mafuyu attacks Lizzy's breasts saying they have grown. Later when Sasha enters the monastery and talks to a transformed Mafuyu, Lizzy enters the room, but she appears with large breasts.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Qwaser of Titanium: As the Qwaser of Titanium Elizabeth is able to control the element of Titanium, she uses the ability to mainly form her own sword, she named Excalibur.

Transformation: Elizabeth, through unknown means, had some how acquired a beast form, which gives her enhanced strength, enhanced defenses, and enhanced stamina, although her actual intelligence goes down greatly, replacing them with animalistic instinct.


Excalibur: Elizabeth's main and possibly only weapon is, Excalibur, which she forms out of pure Titanium, which she uses to decimate her oppenents, either by brute force, of just thrusting her sword, or slamming it to the ground causing sounds frequencies, to irritate her opponent's ear drums.


  •  In Seikon no Qwaser Episode 16, Elizabeth was shown to cosplay as Fate/Stay Night's Saber, who wields the mythical Excalibur.