Friederich Tanner
Aliases Double Headed crest maker
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Brown
Age 20s
Bust Unknown
Waist Unknown
Hip Unknown
Affiliations Adepts
Maria Unknown
Element None
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Voiced by Ken Narita
First Appearance

Older of the Tanner brothers, he is a man of aristocratic Prussian descent who, Nicknamed Double-Headed Crest Maker.


Friederich is a very handsome man, who has shoulder length brown hair, which covers his entire forehead as well as covering his ears entirely. He is usually seen wearing a business suit.


Friederich is shown to be very kind, and a bit clumsy in his debut, as he is seen dropping his books, after accidentally bumping into Mafuyu.

It is later revealed that it was an act as Friederich's true personality comes out showing that he is a very manipulative man, having been able to get many people in the series to do his bidding. He is very ruthless and cold-hearted, as shown when he simply uses all of his team members as pawns, not caring what happened to them afterwards.


He is an international terrorist feared across Europe, who believes the current state of that continent to be miserable and uses terror to destabilize the European Community, in order to lead it to collapse, striving to revive the Holy Roman Empire with Germany at its lead.


He sought the Theotokos to complete his plan, using both Athos and the Adepts as mere pawns in a game he orchestrated from the shadows, until he appeared to end it personally, first disguising himself as a teacher at St. Mihailov, and then trying to finally unseal the sanctuary where the Theotokos was hidden, using Mafuyu and a crest-infused Hana to reunite the two halves of the Sword's of Maria. He almost succeeded, however he was defeated and then killed when Sasha, Ekaterina, and Tasuku combined their efforts to stop him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Scorcery: While not being a Qwaser himself, he holds strange powers akin to sorcery that lets him create many seals and incantations that allows him to assume other's identities, hypnotize and force others into doing his bidding, or to summon and teleport others at will using

Transformation: Friederich had drunk too much Soma, as he and his brother had transformed in to a beast, and in beast form their strength and endurance were enhanced. They became able to blast beams from their mouths.


Tarot Cards: Friederich carries Tarot cards, which allow him to summon and teleport as well as other uses.


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