Fumika Mitarai
Fumika Mitarai
Aliases None
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Age early 15
Bust 63 (Flat and Smooth
Waist 51
Hip 67
Affiliations St. Mihailov Academy
Maria Maria for Sasha
Element None
Likes Sasha
Dislikes small breasts
Voiced by Kana Hanazawa
First Appearance

Fumika Mitarai is the class president of the main protagonists' class at St. Mihailov Academy.


Fumika is a short girl, being almost the same height as Sasha. This also means she is completely lacking in the bust department, much to her dread. She has short, medium-length black hair and brown eyes. Because she is not as tall as the other female characters, she wears a smaller version of the high school uniform. She wears a cross-like broach on the left side of her head.


Fumika is shy and timid, despite being the class rep. She is very quiet and polite. She, aside from Ayana Minase, was the only person to have been nice to Mafuyu and Tomo; however, because of her meek nature and low self-confidence, she gets bullied too. She has a crush on Sasha, of which the latter is largely unaware of. It's due to this crush that she gains more confidence in herself, even standing up to Eva when she invaded the school. In the anime, Fumika has a large complex about having small breasts, and wishes to have bigger breasts like her classmates.



* Throughout the series, Fumika is the most perverted of all the girls.

* Fumika is an excellent bowler.