Georg Tanner
Aliases Gamma Omega
Eye Color Deep Blue
Hair Color Hazel
Age 15
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Affiliations Adept
Maria none
Element Cobalt and Gamma
Likes His lineage and decendancy
Dislikes Other racial ancestries
Voiced by Koji Yusa
First Appearance Episode 19 (Anime)
Chapter 25 (Manga)


A younger man dressed in a solid white three piece suit, he wears an ornate ring on his right middle finger which he constantly cleans and admires.

He has elegant, handsome features framed by his hair which parts down the middle of his face coupled with a tamed mullet reaching down the back of his neck. His attire accommodates a pair of white suede shoes which lack laces, tongue or a vamp at the front of which.


He is highly narcissistic and arrogant, boasting his aristocratic origins with pride and treating others as inferior beings.

He shares the same beliefs as his older brother Friederich, hoping like him to destabilize Europe and bring back the Holy Roman Empire, led by his native Germany.

He has an especially bitter rivalry with Jita Phrygianos and her brother, considering them unworthy to be Adepts, and almost had her killed after provoking her into a fight, forcing her to take the blame.


Younger brother of Friederich Tanner, known as Gamma Omega, he is eighth in the Adepts' hierarchy. When his brother attempted to unseal the Theotokos, he was to defend him from Sasha, Ekaterina, and Tasuku, aided by Aoi Kuchiba and Milk. The fight proved to be too much for him, however, and he had his face greatly disfigured by Sasha's scythe before being almost burnt when the three Qwasers united their efforts to stop Friederich. Severely wounded, he was dragged from the battlefield by Aoi.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

George can control both cobalt and gamma rays, creating destructive, laser beams with which he can guide from an elaborate ornament he has on his right hand.


A set of several oriental rings and one finger knuckle ring through which he channels his radiological abilities.