Hana Katsuragi
Hana Katsuragi
Aliases Slave (By Katja)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Orange
Age 15
Bust 79 (A)
Waist 54
Hip 79
Affiliations Katja
Maria Maria to Katja
Element Magdelene of Thunder
Likes Katja
Dislikes Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe (at first), Katja getting herself hurt or in danger
Voiced by Yoko Hikasa
First Appearance Episode 1


Hana is a skinny girl, having short orangish browny hair, although her hair is able to cover her ears. She also doesn't have very much of a bust. She is usually wearing her St. Mihailov uniform, or wearing some form of S&M clothing, which consist mainly of tight leather clothing.


She seems to be a normal person that often gives other students a hard time. However, this is mainly a mask to hide her true self. Hana is actually a pedophilic lesbian, masochist, suffers with stockholm syndrome, and surprisingly is a very kind and caring person.


A student of class 1-A, she acts as an enforcer on school grounds, but also she is the main architect of the physical abuses that Mafuyu and Tomo have to endure every day, such as regularly throwing the class' garbage can on them or forcing them to fill it after "casually" tripping on it, to covering Tomo's desk with writings and trash. As Miyuri's brawns, she encountered Ekaterina shortly after her arrival in Japan, heavily hinting at something that greatly troubled her in the presence of the young girl - something that appears to be homosexuality or a fondness for little girls (lolicon), as when the occasion presented itself, she kissed Ekaterina out of lust. This made her Ekaterina's personal tool and reserve of soma, and from then on she had to endure daily abuse and sexual torture by her malicious mistress, abuse that she apparently enjoys to a degree and that gave her amazing BDSM-related skills. Unfortunately for her, this relationship with Ekaterina meant that she was often exploited by the enemy, as it happened with Yuu Kuchiba, who abducted her and drained her of soma to the point of exhaustion, or with Friederich Tanner, who mind controlled her in order to pit Tasuku and Ekaterina against each other. Currently, she is training with Sasha to improve herself as a partner to Ekaterina.


  • BDSM Skills: Due to being Ekaterina's personal slave and reserve Soma, she was able to pick up amazing BDSM-related skills.
  • Electrokinesis: Following the events of the second season, in the sixth episode Hana takes the Magdalena of Thunder and becomes its holder similar to how Mafuyu (and Tomo in manga) is the holder of the Sword's of Maria. In the ninth episode of the second season, she demonstrated the ability of flight and unleash great charges of electricity.
  • Pain Tolerence: Being a masochist, Hana derives pleasure from pain and, along with Katja's training, has such been rendered almost invulnerable to physical torture, being pleasured by it rather mentally scarred. However, she is still susceptible to the physical aspect of her injuries.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: As a delinquent Hana shows some skill in hand to hand combat, although it only applies to normal people as Qwasers are above her skill set.
  • Acting Skills: During her and Sasha's infiltration of an all-girl's school, she is able to decieve many students by acting similiarly to Miyuri.