Alexander Nikolaevich HellAlexander Nikolaevich Hell/AbilitiesAlexander Nikolaevich Hell/Image Gallery
Alexander Nikolaevich Hell/RelationshipAnastasiaAoi Kuchiba
Aoi Kuchiba/Image galleryAstarteAstarte/Image gallery
AthosAyame SatsukiAyame Satsuki/Image Gallery
Ayana MinaseAyana Minase/Image GalleryBDSM
Clifford C.J. CrawfordClifford C.J. Crawford/Image GalleryCroa
Croa/Image galleryCrossdressingEdgar
Edgar/Image GalleryEkaterina KuraeEkaterina Kurae/Image Gallery
Ekaterina Kurae/RelationshipElizabethElizabeth/Image Gallery
Episode 1 - Season 1 - Seikon no QwaserEpisode 2 - Season 1 - Seikon no QwaserEpisode 3 - Season 1 - Seikon no Qwaser
Episode 4 - Season 1 - Seikon no QwaserEpisode 5 - Season 1 - Seikon no QwaserEpisode 6 - Season 1 - Seikon no Qwaser
Eva-Q & Eva-REva-Q & Eva-R/Image galleryEva Silver
Eva Silver/Image GalleryFoolFool/Image Gallery
Friederich TannerFriederich Tanner/Image GalleryFumika Mitarai
Fumika Mitarai/Image GalleryGeorg TannerGeorg Tanner/Image Gallery
Hana KatsuragiHana Katsuragi/Image GalleryHana Katsuragi/Relationship
IronJackalJackal/Image Gallery
Jita PhrygianosJita Phrygianos/Image GalleryJoshua Phrygianos
Joshua Phrygianos/Image GalleryJoshua Phrygianos/RelationshipKissing scenes
Lee MayLingerieList of Characters
Lulu ShizakiLulu Shizaki/Image GalleryMafuyu Oribe
Mafuyu Oribe/Image GalleryMafuyu Oribe/RelationshipMagdalena of Thunder
MilkMilk/Image GalleryMiyuki Seta
Miyuki Seta/Image galleryMiyuri TsujidôMiyuri Tsujidô/Image Gallery
Miyuri Tsujidô/RelationshipMizakiMizaki/Image Gallery
MoenoMoeno/Image GalleryMolester
MonsterMutsumi SendouMutsumi Sendou/Image Gallery
Nami OkiuraNami Okiura/Image GalleryNikuma
QwaserQwaser of GoldSchool Uniform
Seikon No Qwaser WikiSeikon no Qwaser ( تقرير عن الأنمي ( سيكون نو كويسرShinichiro Ootori
Shinichiro Ootori/Image GallerySomaSt. Mikhailov Academy
Suirei  GakuenTaisuku FujiomiTaisuku Fujiomi/Image Gallery
Teresa BeriaTeresa Beria/Image GalleryThe Adepts
The High Ancient CircuitsThe Qwaser of StigmataTheotokos
Theotokos of TsaritsynTomo YamanobeTomo Yamanobe/Image Gallery
Tomo Yamanobe/RelationshipTsubasa AmanoTsubasa Amano/Image Gallery
Urara OikawaUrara Oikawa/Image galleryWan Chen
Wan Chen/Image GalleryWe Need to Put Something HereYumie Hiiragi
Yumie Hiiragi/Image GalleryYuri NodaYuri Noda/Image Gallery
Yuu KuchibaYuu Kuchiba/Image GalleryYuu Kuchiba/Relationship
Yuudai Yamanobe

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