Mafuyu Oribe
Aliases Mafuyu-chan
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Red
Age 15
Bust 80 (B) (Original)
91 (G) (2nd season)
Waist 56
Hip 84
Affiliations Athos
Maria Maria to Sasha
Element Sword of Maria, half of Sword of Maria (manga)
Likes Sasha
Dislikes Violence
Voiced by Ayumi Fujimura
First Appearance Episode 1 (Anime)
Chapter 1 (Manga)
Mafuyu Oribe is the adopted daughter of St. Mikhailov Academy's previous dean Yuudai Yamanobe, and the self-appointed protector of Tomo Yamanobe. Upbeat and cheerful, she is so proficient in kendo that she carries a wooden sword with her all the time. She has had to endure hardship on a daily basis in the form of her classmates harshly picking on her and especially Tomo Yamanobe due to a loss of status when their father disappeared. This changes when she encounters Sasha for the first time, where he starts living with her and is pitted herself in the fights between Qwasers.


Mafuyu has medium length red hair and purple eyes. She is of average height. She has been also made fun of by Sasha for having small breasts, one of the smallest in the anime with Hana Katsuragi, Ekaterina Kurae, and Fumika Mitarai being the only ones smaller than her before her increases. In the manga, her breasts continue to grow throughout the story. In the second season, after training with Katja, Mafuyu eventually grows into a G-cup. She is always seen wearing her school uniform and holding her kendo sword. She changes outfits naturally.


Mafuyu is a very strong-willed, upbeat and cheerful girl. She likes to be independent, and won't hesitate to help others. She gets embarrassed easily but can be surprisingly kinky, especially when it comes to Sasha.


Introductory ArcEdit

Mafuyu Oribe is first seen, along with Tomo Yamanobe, praying at their local church. Mafuyu realizes that they are running short on time, and needed to hurry to their school, where Tomo accidentally falls, finding Teresa, who works part-time at the church. Teresa tells Mafuyu and Tomo that she will be late, do to her work.

Mafuyu and Tomo are barely able to make it to class on time, where Tomo is met with a water, which Mafuyu on to Hana Katsuragi, but she denied it, and stated that she thought that Tomo was dead since someone was going around killing girls. This angered Mafuyu, who was about to hit her with her kendo stick, but is stopped by Miyuri Tsujidô, who mocks both Mafuyu and Tomo, revealing that Mafuyu is an adopted child, as well as Tomo's father being missing, and telling Mafuyu that if she did not control her temper, her and Tomo, would be kicked out of their "run down shack".

Mafuyu and Tomo are next seen in a locker room where Mafuyu helps to dry off Tomo. Mafuyu angry at the situation believes that she needs to hit the others for the way they treated, but she was ultimately convinced out of it by Tomo, who tells her that God will those who don't have hate. Mafuyu proceeds to hug them, not believing her words as neither her father nor God was protecting, stating that she will protect Tomo no matter what.

Mafuyu and Tomo then get out of school, and while deciding on dinner find a boy out cold, although he does momentarily wake, he is knocked out again by Mafuyu, after he groped Tomo's breasts. Mafuyu and Tomo then bring him to their home and decides on getting Urada Oikawa to check on this strange boy.

Mafuyu runs the doctors office but is stopped by searing fire coming from the church. She runs in and tries to save the false painting but is stopped by a masked stranger, who is revealed to have attacked those girls from gathering for the purpose of soma. The stranger then attacks Mafuyu, with chains that she can control at will. She then mocks Mafuyu, and Tomo's relationship, stating that Mafuyu had never really had time to study in school since she was stuck taking care of Tomo. The stranger then ignites the chains, and starts burning the church to the ground, and tries to kill Mafuyu, but is saved by the boy, who she previously saved. The stranger calls the boy Iron and tries to take advantage of his weakened state, not having replenished his intake of soma, but the boy is saved by Teresa, who bears her breasts out for the boy to suck on, after calling him, Sasha. The church explodes, and Teresa Beria explains to Mafuyu that Alexander is a Qwaser, which are people with the ability to control electron motion. Mafuyu then watches as Alexander is able to defeat the masked stranger.

Powers Edit

Possessing the offensive half of the Sword of Maria, this relic was stored in an Imperial Egg, and due to interference from Mafuyu was split between her and Tomo (in the manga), to the annoyance of the Golden Tyrant and Fool. Her half boosts her strength, as well as projecting the form of a shrouded woman, who Mafuyu calls La Pucelle. When trained by Big Ma'am, she can later use the relic to cancel elemental bindings, making her an excellent opponent against Qwasers.


  • She's rather good at bowling, having spent some time working as a part-time employee at the bowling alley.