Miyuki Seta
Aliases Unknown
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Light Green
Age Unknown (teens)
Bust 88
Waist 55
Hip 82
Affiliations Roman Curia Suirei Academy
Maria Unknown
Element Unknown
Likes Tsubasa Amano
Dislikes Unknown
Voiced by Harumi Sakurai
First Appearance Episode 1 Season 2


Miyuki is a very buxom woman, who size actually rivals Tomo's herself. Miyuki has light green hair, that goes a little of it going down the side of her right face, albeit the rest of the hair is short cut. Miyuki is only seen in her Roman Curia Suirei Academy uniform, which consist mainly skin tight black clothing, as well as a small white vest.

Miyuki in her cyber knight armor, changes her skin to blue, as well as the rest of her armor, having only a slender appearance of a Kaiser knight. Her hair is also changed to be more flat, as well being changed to blue as well. She lastly where a Kaiser like monocle on her right eye, allowing her to see her opponents movement.


She is a kind and strong person, who is very caring and protective even though her initial dislike of Alexander Nikolaevich Hell showcased her as a brutal woman. She took in Ayame Satsuki when she was bullied and called her "cute", therefore starting Ayame's obsession and intense liking with her. She is also the one to comfort Tsubasa Amano when she is sad.


The head of the Sorority, a group of elite students who (according to Ayame Satsuki) surpass the student council in terms of influence, at Roman Curia Surei Academy. Miyuki is one of the top students at the school and much revered by others throughout the school for both academic and athletic knowledge. She challenges Sasha to a duel on his first day at the school within the school's virtual training system as on suspicion that he might be the culprit of a series of sexual harassments but is instead defeated. As a result, Sasha tastes her Soma and subsequently determines that she is not the Magdalena of Thunder. She is extremely close to Tsubasa, to the point that their attachment to each other appears romantic, though she has also been shown to become fascinated by Sasha. She carries what appears to be a knight's chess piece in silver, and is able to project a symbol onto her chest that transforms into what appears to be a cybernetic body armor. After realizing Tsubasa is held captive by Wan Chen, Qwaser of Silicon, she ends up assisting Sasha in battling the Adept.

In the manga, Miyuki remains beside the comatose Tsubasa, waiting hopefully for her to wake up.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Soma: Miyuki has very powerful soma being told by Sasha that her soma is that of a high Maria's.

High Intellect: Miyuki has a very high IQ being said that she was at the top of her Academy, which was basically an academy for gifted girls, and the only one being able to beat her out was Tsubasa.


Knight Armor: Miyuki is has armor that allows her to be very strong, being able to over power even Sasha, drastically increasing her own speed, as she was also able to keep up with Sasha and dodge most of his attacks, as well as increased endurance, with standing attacks that most humans could no survive.

Kaiser spear: The Kaiser spear, is a very powerful weapon, as it was easily able to break Sahsa's weapons with ease.


Miyuki birthday is August 4.