Miyuri Tsujidô
Aliases Lily Kamen
Madame Lily
Eye Color Red-Violet
Hair Color Pink
Age 18
Bust 88 (F-Cup)
Waist 57
Hip 83
Affiliations St. Mihailov Academy
Maria None
Element None
Likes Attention, Elizabeth (thought she was a boy)
Dislikes Beiing separated from her friends
Voiced by Ayako Kawasumi (Anime)
Ryoka Yuzuki (Drama CD)
First Appearance Episode 01 (Anime), Chapter 01 (Manga)

Miyuri Tsujidô is the daughter of the current dean at St. Mihailov Academy, who succeeded Tomo Yamanobe's father. She is one of the main supporting characters of both the manga and anime series.


Miyuri has long pink hair tied with two red odango hair covers and dark, redish pink eyes. She is average weight and height. She has rather large breasts, being as large as Tomo. Although, it is stated by Sasha that although her breasts are large, they are not as good as Tomo's. She herself has said that she had to undertake a hard regime to have those large breasts and that there is no point on continuing it since should they become bigger they will become a bother. Miyuri is generally seen wearing her unique school uniform, different from the standard one composed of a white long sleeved shirt, a black tie and thigh-highs, a dark-red outfit ending in a skirt and black high heels. It´s not known why she wears it, presumably because she is the daughter of the school´s dean. When she takes on the identity as Madamme Lily she changes into a skimpy indian-based style of clothing, that exposes much of her ample breasts, her stomach, legs, while covering her face.


While beautiful and well-endowed, Miyuri is extremely bossy, arrogant, and prideful, doing nothing to conceal her disrespect for Tomo Yamanobe and Mafuyu Oribe and to bully them on a daily basis, supported by Hana Katsuragi. It can be noted that Miyuri is very rich and appears to have a sheltered upbringing. On a positive note, it can be assumed that she truly cares even for those she bullies.

TV 1 06 014

Miyuri´s F-Cup breasts


Miyuri's breasts being measured


Miyuri is the dean's daughter and she takes advantage of these to bully others in her class such as Tomo and Mafuyu, always aided by Hana. This changes when Sasha arrives at school and starts bluffing her, trying to protect Tomo saying that her breasts are not as good as Tomo's. After Ekaterina´s arrival and Miyuri's failure to use her in order to become more popular and have revenge from Sasha, she stops bothering and bullying her classmates and somewhat becomes friend with them.

She had helped Sasha, Ekaterina, Mafuyu, and Tomo many times.
TV 1 06 019

Miyuri stripping nude to prevent the group of terrorists from hurting her friends.

This includes the occassion where they investigate the Tsar egg within her family museum collection. There a group of terrorists break in to steal the egg and by knocking Sasha out and muzzling the rest of the girls they attempt to steal the egg. Miyuri reveals the egg is a fake one and that the real one is hidden in another place by her family, this upsets the group of terrorist and they start threatening the four girls and Miyuri in order to prevent them from hurting Ekaterina, Tomo, and Mafuyu she obey her demands and strips nude. This act moved Ekaterina and by tricking the terrorists she reaches Miyuri, sucks soma from her and easily defeats the terrorists. Then, she accompanies Mafuyu on a trip to investigate the possibly location of an icon sicnce she wanted to help
TV 1 07 043

Miyuri's first meeting with Elizabeth

Sasha and they are caught by three Adept´s qwasers, "the Helium brothers". Miyuri runs for help as Mafuyu stays to fight them but she is severely wounded, beeing saved by Otori and Elizabeth. Mafuyu becomes friend with her and why leaving they encounter the Helium brothers. Elizabeth reveals to be the Qwaser of Titanium and starts fighting them using a giant sword. In that moment Miyuri appears and Elizabeth gently asks her for help, by letting her take Miyuri's soma and thus strengthening herself. Miyuri accepts blushing and Elizabeth is then able to defeat the enemies. Later she becomes the user of an elemental circuit gaining qwaser-like powers. Under the identity of "Lily Kamen", she plays the heroine and uses her newly gained powers to help citizens, disguising herself with a school swimsuit, an apron and red goggles. Ekaterina is entrusted with the task of removing the elemental circuit but she fails in her attempt as Miyuri uses her powers to defeat her. After the fight she loses consciousness and wakes up tied in a table.
Seikon no Qwaser - 14

Miyuri and Hana

Present is the Neodymium Qwaser, Taisuku Fujiomi, and his Maria, Mutsumi Sendou, who use an ancient method to remove the elemental circuit.

Before the final fight against the Adepts in the aquatic sanctuary, Miyuri hosts the Ekaterina's birthday party in her house but a maddened Elizabeth (Otori, her beloved teacher and adoptive father was now dead) savagely interrupts and starts destroying everything she encounters. She holds Miyuri up and starts sucking soma from her breasts until she faints. In the end, Mafuyu is able to reason with Elizabeth, saying that although Otori is dead he managed to achieve all his goals and that he didn't regret anything as Sasha defeats her. She returns to normal and fell asleep. Miyuri is not present for the final fight.


Miyuri as "Madame Lilly"

As Sasha, Mafuyu, Hana, and Ekaterina are overseas fighting against the Silicon Qwaser, Wan Chen, Miyuri stays at school alongside Tomo, Elizabeth, Teresa, etc. She hosts a mysterious boy called Edgar who shares with her his qwaser like powers since he is the user of a powerful elemental circuit. Miyuri adopts a new identity "Madame Lily" and by using Edgar's powers, she is able to predict the future of her classmates. Right before the arriving of her friends Miyuri, aided by Tomo, helps the school administration track down a group of thieves. She used Edgar's powers, but in order to activate them, a soma reflow was needed, so Miyuri and Tomo end up sucking each others soma. Only then are they able to capture the criminals and defeat them.

Miyuri during the school´s foundation festival

Right before the beginning of the battle against Meteora, she throws a party in her house in order to commemorate the reunion of the group and participates in the school's foundation festival alongside her friends.


  • Miyuri's cup size is F.
  • Miyuri has reached her current bust size due to a special regime.
  • Miyuri would not like to have bigger breasts as they become a nuisance.
  • Miyuki birthday is June 16.