Mutsumi Sendou
Mutsumi Sendou profile pic
Aliases None
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Orange
Age 19
Bust 89
Waist 54
Hip 84
Affiliations Athos
Maria Sasha (Former)
Taisuku Fujiomi (Current)
Element None
Likes Taisuku, Mafuyu
Dislikes Unknown
Voiced by Nami Kurokawa
First Appearance

Mutsumi Sendou is the former, and first, partner of Alexander Nikolaevich Hell and currently both partner and lover of Taisuku Fujiomi. Similarly to Teresa Beria, her primary role is to provide Soma to her partner.


Mistsumi is a young girl with very long orange hair that splits into two tails, that reaches down to her thighs. She is very well endowed, and is usually seen wearing clothes that show her cleavage, such as her school uniform, which is a low-cut long sleeved top, and a green miniskirt.


Mutsumi is an upbeat, cheerful girl who rarely lets her inhibitions restrain her - for instance, she is bisexual and openly flirts with Mafuyu Oribe, much to her dismay.


She encountered Taisuku(that asshole) shortly after Sasha left Athos, nursing him back to health and winning his trust and, with that, his love, which she reciprocates.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Skilled Swordsman: Mutsumi seems to be skilled with a pair of bladed tonfa, as shown when she was courageous enough to actually try and take on a Qwaser by herself.


Bladed Tonfa: Mutsumi is shown to carry bladed tonfa which she use to battle weaker enemies, when Taisuku is out numbered, by the enemy.


Mitsumi birthday is January 27

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