The Qwaser of Gold's name is Gregory. He is the killer of Sasha's sister, Olja, and the main antagonist in the Seikon no Qwaser anime. He seems to be the leader of the Adepts.

In the manga, he becomes the new Pope, having united the Orthodox and Catholic faiths.

Golden Tyrant becomes the Pope

He also betrays his Adept followers when they are no longer of use, focusing on his Theosis Project in the hopes of cloning Jesus Christ and creating an artificial Second Coming, using the Christ Clones Iron Qwaser abilities, Tomo's High Maria Soma to enhance the young clone closer to the original's power, and the world's Seven Divergences (ley lines, dragon lines) to have the clone cause a Pole Shift, dispersing the Van Allen Belts and removing the Earth's protection from Cosmic Radiation, killing all life on the surface of the planet.

Cosmic Radiation Extinction

Referring to the clone of Christ as Master, and surprised as well as enraged that Tomo's tale of her life and friends could convince Christ-2 to side with her, he exposes his identity as Judas Iscariot, one of the 12 Apostles who betrayed Jesus at the garden of Gethsemane. Even centuries later, he's forgotten that that the essence of Christ is God's love for mankind, so his surprise at his "master's" choice to not destroy the world is foolish but telling.

Ch. 117 pg. 20
Ch. 117 pg. 21

Not willing to let go of his plans, he places a new Gold Nail Circuit on the Christ clone, taking control of him and trying to force his plans through.

Ch. 117 pg. 22
Questioning Forgiveness

Engaging in one last battle with Sasha, alongside Mafuyu and Tomo, the Golden Tyrant exposes his true form now, an ancient golden golem in the form of an archangel which contains Judas 's own soul which are combined with the Pneuma of his fellow Apostles.

Ch. 117 pg. 34

The Qwaser of Gold formsEdit

1. Human form (killed Olja) 2. Tomo form  3. Robot form 4. Golden soul form (defeated by Sasha and Mafuyu)