Shinichiro Ootori
Aliases Phoenix
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Age Late 40s
Bust Unknown
Waist Unknown
Hip Unknown
Affiliations Adepts
Maria Unknown
Element Sodium
Likes Reading to Elizabeth
Dislikes Gold Qwaser
Voiced by Toru Okawa
First Appearance Episode 7 (anime)

Shinichiro Ōtori prowess with his sodium-based powers as a Qwaser is an experience that burns itself to memory as all the possible applications are brutal and indefensible


Shinichiro is a refined man in his late 40s who wears his long light brown hair in a pony tail which stretches down to his neck. He also has a beard, although it is not fully grown out, it does cover his entire jaw, as well as a mustache, which is also not fully grown out. He is usually seen wearing a red jacket, and white pants.


Shinichiro is a very kind man, as he willingly took in an orphaned Elizabeth out the kindness of his own heart. He is also very polite, and civil, as shown when he deals with other students, as well as very level headed, as shown when fighting Sasha, he never seemed to actually loose his confidence, or attack Sasha in a fit of rage.

Although he is a kind man, he was cold-hearted in his past. In fact he was the one that actually made Elizabeth an orphan, as well as being the right hand man of the Gold Qwaser, one can only think of what he has done to accomplish this.


For reasons obscure and arcane that possibly include guilt, Shin'ichiro abandoned his role as the Aurum (Gold) Qwaser's right-hand man after Olja's murder and Sasha's scarring to unsuccessfully challenge his former master. Undaunted by this setback, Shin'ichiro takes Elizabeth on as his protégé, teaching her how to be a Qwaser, as well as Swordsmanship.


Intercedes for Mafuyu Oribe in the hopes that she will lead him to St. Mihailov Academy. The gambit paid off when Shin'ichiro discerns the meaning of the Theotokos along with the procedure to avail the icon's activation incantation, which requires Tomo and Teresa as his aides, along with plenty of time for the procedure to prosecute its full course. In spite of Elizabeth's inhibitory efforts, Sasha arrives on the scene to rescue Tomo as the Sword's Maria incantation divides itself between Tomo and Mafuyu; having nothing to show for his subterfuge to reach or seal away the Theotokos after purposely losing to Sasha, Shin'ichiro ignites the sodium in his body after bidding farewell to Elizabeth.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In addition to combustion at the atomic level, Shin'ichiro's molecular filaments have the capability to hack into the neural network of another living creature to force the quarry to think and perform the way he wants through the potassium-sodium electron conveyance.