The High Ancient Circuits, also known as the Primordial Elemental Circuits, is highly demanded for by both Athos and the Adepts. There are only 5 that have been confirmed: Maria of the Blade, Magdalene of Thunder, Noah of Gold, Moses of Silence, and David of Revival.

No one knows how many Circuits there actually are. The construction of these Circuits are so precise that replicating them is impossible.The marvels that these Circuits can bring forth is not fully known.


Golden Noah explanation 1
  • Magdala of Thunder/Magadala of Lightning: Originally in possession of Tsubasa Amano, it was hidden inside her by her grandfather for safe keeping. The only other person originally aware of this was Miyuki Seta. When Tsubasa's avatar was killed by Wan Chen, she passed on the Ancient Circuit to Hana. This relic provides control over electrons, ranging from electric shocks to manipulating virtual reality while inside of it.
  • Noah of Gold/Golden Noah: possessed by the young boy Edgar, this relic gives its bearer the ability to shift from the present to any parallel possibility. Essentially, finding an alternate reality or path that the bearer favors. The more implausible the possibility, the more the shift costs the bearer in the time spent looking for it, and the health/life force of the user. Edgar, when possessed by Friederich Tanner, used it to try and reverse his death at the hands of SashaKatja, and Taisuku. He also displayed the ability to split himself into several copies, allowing for his search for the Theotokos of Tsaritsyn to go about faster. When Lee May tried killing him with her bullets, he ended surviving each time because the possibility of her missing was still strong. When pushed, the bearer can invoke "the Ark", sending the minds of the bearer's enemies through infinite alternate realities, having them experience real other possibilities while their bodies remain in their native one. Sasha resisted this, possibly due to "having no dreams or desires", while Jita snapped out of its power due to an alternate Edgar wanting her to be free, and kill Friederich. Lastly, the Golden Noah can be used to merge with other alternate versions of the bearer, boosting their power (and granting a strange shouting ability made up of Elemental Circuits).
  • Moses of Silence: grafted onto the prophet Panagia Agatha, this ancient circuit provides the user with visions of the future, with perfect accuracy. Agatha was submerged in darkness for years by Athos, to hone her skills in using it. They mostly educated her through Elemental Circuits and touch alone, leading to a lonely existence.
  • David of Revival/David of Resurrection: it takes a scan of a person's body, thoughts, and memories, and stores them onto a Philosopher's Stone. Originally designed by Hermes Trismegistus himself, relating to mankind's wish for eternal life. It can be used to "write" a stored soul into a matching body, one cloned exactly for this purpose.
  • Maria of the Blade/Sword of Maria: this relic was stored in an Imperial Egg, and due to interference from Mafuyu was split between her and Tomo (in the manga), to the annoyance of the Golden Tyrant and Fool. Mafuyu's half boosts her strength, as well as projecting the form of a shrouded woman, who Mafuyu calls La Pucelle. When trained by Big Ma'am, she can later use the relic to cancel elemental bindings, making her an excellent opponent against Qwasers. Tomo's half has been used as s shield, as due to Tomo's gentle nature there has been much offensive use shown. When combined, they are to be used to guide others to the Tsaritsyn Icon, by opening up the path to the Water Sanctuary.