Tsubasa Amano
Tsubasa profile pic
Aliases None
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Green
Age 13
Bust 75
Waist 53
Hip 73
Affiliations Roman Curia Surei Academy
Maria None
Element None
Likes Miyuki Seta Alexander Nikolaevich Hell
Dislikes Unknown
Voiced by Yoshino Nanjo
First Appearance Season 2 Episode 1

Tsubasa Amano is the new classmate of Sasha in Roman Curia Surei Academy and the holder of the High Circuit called Magdalena of Thunder.


Tsubasa has dark greenish blue hair tied in two braids, blue eyes and is normally seen in a wheelchair. Her breasts are relatively small compared to Miyuki Seta as she said when they were younger they were about the same size. She wears a Roman Curia Surei Academy uniform due to her position of being a a student.


At the start of the series Tsubasa is shown to be very timid, and scared, as she seems to be very clingy to Miyuki. However, as the series progressed she began to show bravery and courage, during the fight with Wan and was even able to help Sasha in the fight, albeit with only the help of her soma.