Wan Chen
Wan Chen
Aliases Ground Zero
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark Blue
Age mid 30s
Bust Unknown
Waist Unknown
Hip Unknown
Affiliations Adepts
Maria Any girl
Element Silicon
Likes Breasts (big or small)
Dislikes Alexander Nikolaevich Hell
Voiced by Kenji Hamada
First Appearance

Wan Chen (汪震, pinyin: Wāng Zhèn; on'yomi: Ō Shin), also known as Wang Zhixuan (王之宣) is the Second of the Adepts, known as Ground Zero. He is a qwaser who controls the element Silicon. 


Wan is an elderly Chinese man who is usually seen with his blue hair tied into a bun. He also wears a white overcoat that has a red stripe and buttoned together with a singular black button. He also has a scar on his face, going across his nose, which he received as a child.


Wan is a cool headed, calculating individual, who is outwardly caring about his comrades at first. This is until his true colors are shown, when he started to abuse his own soldiers, as well as abuse his own powers as a teacher who abuses and seduces girls without mercy and remorse.


Wan was born in China, where he faced strife, against other clans. These clans eventually found him and his family, killing, slaughtering, and murdering everyone in cold blood, except him, leaving him with only a scar across his face.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Qwaser: Wan is the qwaser of Silicon, which allows him to control all things containing silicon. By making use of this power, he is able to create swords, shields, and any various equipment.

Expert Swordsman: Wan is shown to be a master swordsman, as evidenced with him was being to hold off Elizabeth, and even possibly beat her, in a sword fight. This occurred during the Gold Qwaser's plan of opening the gates to heaven.

Expert Strategist: Wan is shown to have a very genius level intellect, as shown when he was not only able to go through the Roman Curia Surei Academy ranks, undetected by any of the athos members, even while doing experiments.


  • He controls the fake boobies.