Yumie Hiiragi
Yumie Hiiragi
Aliases Student Council President
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Blue
Age 17
Bust 87 (E)
Waist 55
Hip 85
Affiliations St. Mihailov Academy
Maria Maria to Sasha
Element None
Likes Sports
Dislikes Perverts
Voiced by Rina Satou
First Appearance

Yumie Hiiragi is the student council president at St. Mihailov Academy.


Yumie is a very beautiful girl, with long back length, blue hair, which she puts a bonnet on top to keep it out of her eyes. She is usually seen wearing the St. Mihailov Academy's uniform.


Yumie, seems to be very strict, as shown when she hit Tasuku in the groin just for flirting with her. She is also seen to be very kind, as she was able to befriend Sasha, Mafuyu, and the others after being saved by Sasha.


She hit Tasuku in the groin after he suggestively flirted with her. She is later attacked by a student using an elemental circuit and saved by Sasha who drinks her soma. Yumie is later seen in volume six, working with Sasha, Mafuyu, Tasuku, and the others and has befriended them.